Cumberland Beach & District Residents

To our members—thank you for your support of our Association and Park. 

If you’re new to the Cumberland Beach District — welcome!

The CB&D Ratepayers Association Inc. has been active in the community for over sixty years, including purchasing a park with waterfront access in 1966. Each year we seek the community’s help to pay the municipal taxes, insurance and maintenance costs for the park.

We do this by canvassing the community and asking neighbours to join or renew their membership in the Association. Membership dues are $25/year per household.

Not a member or haven’t paid this year? 

Please consider joining or renewing your membership! A strong Association will preserve our community park for years to come. Thank you!

Some Cumberland Beach History

The Cumberland Beach & District Ratepayers Association Inc. has a rich history of community involvement and volunteerism, dating back to the 1950s.

Starting out as The Cumberland Beach Club, the Association was incorporated in 1958 with the intention “to advance the interests of the Cumberland Beach & District Community”.

The Corporation was to be carried on “without the purpose of gain for its members and any profits or other accretions to the Corporation shall be used in promoting its objects.”

In 1966, the opportunity to acquire what is now the Cumberland Beach Park became available. Once again the community rallied and the land was purchased.

Forward-thinking residents left a legacy for our community—a Corporation with the best interests of our community at its core, and our very own park with year-round waterfront access.

Will you stand with us today and help preserve this priceless legacy? It would be great if you would join us.